Adjusting YOUR Sails

How do you respond to change? Today in yoga, as my pain and fatigue weren’t great, i planned to hold onto the trusty wall to modify my practice. However, spots in that position were taken, forcing me to roll out my mat in the front row and hugely adapt my postures....

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Letting Go

How do you let Go? An amazing extract read by my yoga instructor in a class today. “..Let go, and the wave’s crest will carry you to unknown shores, beyond your wildest dreams or destinations...” Danna Faulds

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Stroke Podcast

Did you know that by 2050, the number of strokes in Australia will double? Why not listen to a stroke stories podcast @ by the national stroke association to raise awareness and enable other survivors to access resources.

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Mind the GAP

Setbacks. Obstacles. Roadblocks When you feel like you’ve already faced enough obstacles in your life, suddenly being thrown more is just tough. Personally, after years rebuilding my crushed self-esteem and reinventing myself, suddenly being back in a hospital bed...

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Helpful or Awful?

A year 12 student asked after my presentation, "Was writing your book awful in remembering everything in your journey or helpful?" Here's my response -" Writing my book was both so grueling but extremely therapeutic. Reflecting on a difficult time on your life &...

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Feedback – Failure or Flourish?

I am very reliant on qualitative feedback from others to motivate me. What’s hard about this later rehab is that my supporters are rightly enthralled in their own lives and this isn’t feasible. When I suddenly am excited that I've finally done a task, excitingly...

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Rehabilitation Revisited – Anything’s Possible!

After enduring years of monotonous rehabilitation, then somehow reinventing myself & incorporating my rehab into my everyday regime, I decided that 13 years after my stroke, I needed to challenge myself. Both to break out of my comfort-zone & simultaneously to...

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We Need to Think It to Be It!

  We often associate resilience as more of a physical trait, getting up or bouncing back right? But doing  that is reliant on us being emotionally resilient. We need to think it to be it! You may be able to get to the gym or do that report or washing but what...

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Why Be Grateful?

Remaining grateful is tough. Especially when things go awful wrong in your day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed & disheartened. I confess that I’ve really struggled being thankful of late. I know being grateful is so crucial in sustaining a positive mindset &...

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Hopping. Bouncing. Stepping.

My new rehab regime involves bouncing awkwardly on trampolines, hopping on leg-presses & co-ordinating my limbs on the cross trainer. My head wobbles, I loose my balance & I seem to struggle coordinating my left & right sides. I find myself focussing on...

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1. Gain Understanding...
Are you confident that your staff are really putting themselves in another's shoes?
2. Be Empowering...
How do you empower those around you?
3. Start Choosing...
How would you cope if you had a stroke at the young age of 24?
4. Try Challenging...
Do you set goals and step up to meet them?
5. Be Inspiring...
Do you need to be inspired to life a life you love?!


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