Reinventing Emma Book Review

Read a recent book review I received about my memoir, Reinventing Emma –
“Hi Emma
Thoroughly enjoyed your book. Gave it a five star rating on Apple Books, with the following review.
So often do we hear the term these days, “reinventing yourself”. Just watch any reality TV show and you will hear this phrase trotted out ad nauseam.
“So and so is reinventing himself in this pressure challenge by recreating Adrian Zumbo’s croquembouche!”
Note to self. Must get profiteroles on the next grocery order and acquire a traffic cone from somewhere. Reinventing here I come.
But every now and then we do come across an inspiring story where someone has reinvented themselves, from the foundations up.
After a stroke at the age of 24, Emma Gee had to painstakingly embark upon a long journey of reclaiming early developmental milestones in her life again. Having to learn to speak, walk and swallow food again, wasn’t exactly on the list of future life accomplishments of this young and vibrant occupational therapy graduate.
I have been a frequent flyer to that space that exists between what life had in store for me as a younger person and what life actually delivered on. Reinventing Emma prompted me to take a more compassionate examination of my life, asking me to exchange resentment for thankfulness.
Reinventing Emma is guaranteed to be one of the best books you are going to read if you want to come away feeling inspired and having a deeper sense of gratitude in your own life.
Having worked as a counsellor, a full-time carer and having accessed the healthcare system as a patient, an experience that often left me longing for a more “person-centred” approach , I would say this book speaks a convicting truth at each of these levels for me.
Reinventing Emma really should be recommended reading for any health professional, carer or person adjusting to a set of new and challenging life circumstances.
If you are down to your last ten dollars, don’t waste it on profiteroles, buy Reinventing Emma and read about a real life pressure challenge. You’ll come away being inspired and having a lot more gratitude.
NSW, Australia
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