Read what Emma’s clients have said


 “…Such insights from you on holistic care and lived experience feedback and rehab. Your speaking, mentoring and advisory services are imperative in the context of rehab, policy and change for better therapy outcomes”.


Danielle Weedon

Director, Medirecruit

“… it is the first time in ten years of having an ABI that I have felt understood and visible. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt that someone else ‘gets it’. And that is a powerful gift you have given me. You’ve given me the solace of knowing there are others in the world who have similar experiences to me. You’ve given me the self-confidence to speak about my challenges, not only for myself – but for others who will struggle too. You’ve made me feel less alone, and inspired to accept myself….You are powerful. Your words are powerful. And by sharing your resilience you have increased mine. For that I thank you…”





Masterclass Participant, Volunteering Victoria Masterclass, 2022

Following tutorials with OT students at Monash University – “I got quite a lot out of today’s session. I hope to be at the same standard of excellent practice that you displayed today as an occupational therapist…Thank you for sharing your wisdom and being a great role model for us new occupational therapists…”



OT Student, Monash University 2022

Following tutorials with OT students at Monash University – “I got quite a lot out of today’s session. I hope to be at the same standard of excellent practice that you displayed today as an occupational therapist…Thank you for sharing your wisdom and being a great role model for us new occupational therapists…”



OT Student, Monash University 2022

Emma’s poignant, humorous and telling presentation style took our attendees on an incredible journey. Her story of resilience and perseverance resonated with all and we felt privileged to have Emma join us at our event.


Zanthe Heaton

Events and Member Services Coordinator, Baptist Care Australia 2020

After a brief meeting with Emma I was very impressed and asked her to speak at our Healthcare National Sales Conference. From our first meeting to finishing the conference, Emma was a pleasure to work with, always professional and her presentation was very impactful. Emma’s in-person approach, much like her writing style, is engaging — she strikes a unique balance between interactive and humorous personal storytelling, and an insightful professional perspective. In a short presentation Emma was able to bring the audience along her journey and leave us all with a lasting impression and call-to-action to think holistically about health care and most of all to remain patient-centric. She is an inspiration and it is impossible not to be moved by her triumph. I purchased copies of Emma’s book for my entire team.

Abigail Buckwalter

Business Executive Officer, Nestle Health Science Oceania

…We had overwhelmingly amazing feedback following your keynote. Both from our executive team and allied health colleagues. You were articulate, thought provoking, heart felt and sincere…You really made the event for us!


Liz Dalla Santa

Manager Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology , Monash Health

Thank you again Emma for your invaluable insights and open sharing with us. It guides the students to consider their future impact and potential to truly connect with others via the use of intentional communication skills (placing the client at the centre of their care);  always holding the lived experience and narrative of clients in our primary focus.


Sarah Palexas

Occupational Therapist Lecturer, Latrobe University

 …Emma Gee’s talk was insightful. “Meaning as medicine” “work with me not for me”. Two phrases I will honestly reflect on. “Lets choose to enrich”… 


Brad Williams

Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy Exchange 2020

Hi Emma,

First and foremost, we, on behalf of Keysborough College, would truly like to thank you for the hard work and time you’ve put into creating such a heart-felt video; detailing your personal experiences and the challenges you have had to overcome. 

The notion that you have to be accepting regardless of whatever situation you are thrown in was persistent throughout her whole presentation. It was both inspirational and motivating to see someone not give up when there were many odds were against their favour. 

The link you made between your personal challenges and the struggles that we are facing as students, have allowed us to feel more understood. More so, your presentation managed to empower and instil hope into the many students who may have lost hope amidst this difficult circumstance.

– Year 12 student from Keysborough College

- Year 12 student from Keysborough College

Keysborough College

Hi Emma

Thoroughly enjoyed your book. Gave it a five star rating on Apple Books, with the following review.

So often do we hear the term these days, “reinventing yourself”. Just watch any reality TV show and you will hear this phrase trotted out ad nauseam. 

“So and so is reinventing himself in this pressure challenge by recreating Adrian Zumbo’s croquembouche!”

Note to self. Must get profiteroles on the next grocery order and acquire a traffic cone from somewhere. Reinventing here I come.

But every now and then we do come across an inspiring story where someone has reinvented themselves, from the foundations up. 

After a stroke at the age of 24, Emma Gee had to painstakingly embark upon a long journey of reclaiming early developmental milestones in her life again. Having to learn to speak, walk and swallow food again, wasn’t exactly on the list of future life accomplishments of this young and vibrant occupational therapy graduate.

I have been a frequent flyer to that space that exists between what life had in store for me as a younger person and what life actually delivered on. Reinventing Emma prompted me to take a more compassionate examination of my life, asking me to exchange resentment for thankfulness.

Reinventing Emma is guaranteed to be one of the best books you are going to read if you want to come away feeling inspired and having a deeper sense of gratitude in your own life. 

Having worked as a counsellor, a full-time carer and having accessed the healthcare system as a patient, an experience that often left me longing for a more “person-centred” approach , I would say this book speaks a convicting truth at each of these  levels for me. 

Reinventing Emma really should be recommended reading for any health professional, carer or person adjusting to a set of new and challenging life circumstances.

If you are down to your last ten dollars, don’t waste it on profiteroles, buy Reinventing Emma and read about a real life pressure challenge. You’ll come away being inspired and having a lot more gratitude.


NSW, Australia 

Richard Eb

The Collaborative Forum 2016

Hi Emma,

Sincere thanks, so often we focus on the negatives, and forget about all the good things.

You’re an absolute inspiration…

thank you for your honesty, passion, and for probably the best occupational therapist Ive come across…and that’s something coming from an OT with over 25 years of experience!




National Manager StrokeConnect, Stroke Foundation


“I have heard you speak Emma and been absolutely blown away by the value in what you have to say. The combination of the patient perspective and the clinician perspective is a treasure! It’s gold!”


Susan Aldrech

OT, Stroke Foundation

Emma speaks openly about her personal experiences and challenges she has faced and overcome as well as the ones she continues to experiences in her everyday life in child friendly language so that the students can access and understand. She prompts students to be more resilient and provides students with tips on how to do so successfully. Emma spoke to a group of year 4 and 5 students about the daily challenges she faces when navigating herself around the community with a walker, the students were able to empathise with her and were eager to problem solve to create change to make life easier not only for Emma but for all people who use a walker.


Catherine Kelly

Grade 5 Teacher, Canterbury Primary School

David and I were totally impressed with the way you managed to weave our strategic plan into your presentation.  Our Board and our CEO have also given similar feedback.  However, perhaps most importantly,  I have been at our Richmond and now Hawthorn offices today and the universal feedback is that this was the best Whole of Agency ever –some of those people have worked her for 20+ years and I think it is in large part because of your story and it’s juxtaposition with our strategic plan and the realities of what it is like living day after day with disability – that created this very human and real WOA experience.




Debra Benger Senior Manager Allied Health Access Health and Community

The Collaborative Forum 2016


“…I am a lecturer at the University of Tasmania. …I downloaded your book to take away with me at Easter, I was visiting family all over Australia and had lots of flights and airport stop overs to fill in. I didn’t think that in the first few chapters this would have me crying on a plane. … After the first few chapters I sat on the plane with a lump in my throat until I couldn’t hold it in anymore. As a registered nurse every word you wrote resonated with me. As an educator I hoped that the experiences you identified as barriers to your treatment and experience are areas I address when teaching students…”

Larissa Smart Lecturer RN, BN, Grad Cert-Child Health, MN, PhD Candidate School of Nursing Newnham Campus University of Tasmania

“…I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I have been required for one of my subjects, to read your book for my nursing degree at Utas. About to enter my grad year as nurse, I can safely say that you have opened my mind about caring for my patients in a different way. Although I have always prided myself on providing very patient centred care I found your book gave me further insight into what this truly encompasses. And for this I will forever be grateful

Erin Batchelor Nursing Student, University of Tasmania

“…What an amazing credit that you has been so able to articulate your journey in a way that we can learn from as health professionals, but also as members of a global community. I am completely in awe of your honesty, transparency and resilience!…”



Kind regards,


Larissa Smart Lecturer RN, BN, Grad Cert-Child Health, MN, PhD Candidate School of Nursing Newnham Campus University of Tasmania

  • “Workshops I attended were the most beneficial. Speakers were great and presentation understandable. Also loved Emma Gee, so inspirational.”

    “Emma’s presentation which was inspirational. Passion from AHA presenters. Encouragement for AHA’s to step up and lead their profession.”

    “Emma Gee was the best aspect of today’s forum”

    “Emma Gee was captivating and provided many take home messages for us all.”

    “Loved hearing from Emma and her story”

Allied Health Conference Participants 2018

  •  Makes me reflect on my practice to improve patient care and experience Amazing talk and very engaging and eye opening on patient centred care”
  • Good to hear from the health care professionals perspective and the same person as a patient “
  • Highly inspiring”
  • “Good reminder of patient care importance”
Inter-professional Orientation (IPO) Evaluation Summary 2019, Monash Health

  • “Very informative. I get to understand the consumer’s perspective”
  • “This was a unique perspective on the health care system”
Inter-professional Orientation (IPO) Evaluation Summary 2019, Monash Health

I was blown away by your presentation as were all my colleagues…..We have been speaking about nothing else following your story and positive vibes that has reflected upon each and every one of us.

You should be extremely proud of what you have achieved in such a short time with such positive attitudes and have stimulated quite a few of the guys here so your contribution to us has been so invaluable heading into the new year”.

Neil Bowden

  • Emma Gee is an absolute inspiration. I have heard her speak half a dozen times now, and each time take something else away. I was delighted to be able to secure her inspirational speaking skills for our latest forum, Monash Health AHA Day 2018. She inspired the entire audience of AHAs and colleagues to ‘bounce higher’ to achieve truly person-centred care. Her ability relay personal anecdote in an authentic and meaningful manner with an overlay of humour in such a way that inspires us all to do better is an absolute skill. Thank you Emma!”
Abigail Buckwalter, Business Executive Officer, Nestle Health Science Oceania


As a future Registered Nurse, your book has helped to open my eyes to think about every single patient as being their own individual person and think about how they would like to be treated, even when they can’t tell me how they are feeling. Family involvement needs to be at the forefront of patient care, and the strength of a family in the recovery of the patient is evidenced by the literature surrounding strength-based nursing.

Abigail Buckwalter, Business Executive Officer, Nestle Health Science Oceania

The Collaborative Forum 2016

I found all speakers really interesting and inspiring. They all provided differing insights and perspectives which reinforced the need for collaboration (on all levels) in order to truly inspire systems change…

The Collaborative Attendees Feedback 2016

The Collaborative Forum 2016

• The session was incredibly well received, with a high attendance of staff from across the hospital.

• Excellent, thought-provoking, relevant, engaging & interesting.

• Consumer perspective was incredibly powerful and challenged staff to think about their own practice.

• Emma was an inspirational speaker, with an excellent presentation. Link to Austin Health Values was great.

Jill Feltham

Social Work Site Manager/Clinical Educator, Austin Health


The positivity and resilience that Emma Gee resonated whilst speaking, will forever be a source of inspiration for the Camberwell Girls community.

Her life story conveyed a powerful message, bringing about deep reflection and a reminder that it is up to yourself to decide how you want to live your life. She delivered her story with strength, and it was truly unbelievable to see just how far she had come since her stroke.

She related strongly to her audience, and the numerous life lessons that she bestowed kept the audience highly engaged. She also taught us that we won’t ever know exactly what life has to throw at us – and part of living is learning to tackle and overcome those unexpected moments.

There is no doubt that upon hearing of Emma’s struggles, many of us needed to reevaluate our own lives, and be grateful for everything that we have already. On top of this, the accompanying slides really helped to set the scene and draw the audience in, and the images displayed highlighted just how far she had come.

We will forever remember that a station platform is only one hurdle in life’s journey; all you have to do is close your eyes and jump.

Andrew Burnell

Year 11 Coordinator, Community Engagement Coordinator , Camberwell Girls Grammar School


Many people have told me how much they appreciated your words and and how deeply the girls listened.  “You could have heard a pin drop.”  “We need to hear more of this kind of message.”

Helen Creed

School Chaplain, Year 8 Coordinator, Camberwell Girls Grammar School

Emma was the keynote speaker at our health districts occupational therapy professional development day. It was such a pleasure to work along side Emma to prepare for the day. Emma took the time to understand us and our vision for the event. Using the information about us, Emma was able to deliver a strong message about patient centred care in our health setting context.
Using her personal story Emma gets participants reflecting on the patient and clinician   relationship, using her knowledge of occupational therapy to provide a unique insight.
Emma’s message has resonated with participants and added additional value in ways we can enhance every patients experience.
Karleen Dumbrell

Occupational Therapist, Camberwell Girls Grammar School

This was the best session I have ever attended in 19 years of nursing. It was so inspiring to hear of the ways little acts of kindness and caring for patients how you would wish for your own family to be cared for make such a difference. It just reinforced my belief that’s it truly is ‘the little things’ that matter and make meaningful differences. I strongly feel that no health care professional in Australia should be able to graduate without hearing Emma speak and tell her story. Thank-you Emma, you made my day “


Nurse, Monash Health- Gathering of Kindness Forum 2017

Bank Australia was delighted to have Emma speak to our executive and senior leadership teams on the topic of developing resilience.  Our bank is growing quickly and to support this growth we are very committed to encouraging and supporting our people to develop techniques which equip them to effectively deal with unexpected circumstances.

Emma’s honest first hand account of how her own life suddenly changed following her stroke and how she has developed a resilience that allows her to pursue her  life, set and achieve goals offered my colleagues and I a series of insights and practical techniques that we will now use in both or personal and professional lives.

I commend Emma’s as a person of absolute integrity who will work with your company to help develop your people and culture.

Rowan Dowland

General Manager - Corporate Development, Bank Australia

Emma developed and delivered an engaging and valuable presentation for Leading Age Services Australia NSW-ACT Congress 2016. What stood out about Emma is that she set a tone for the rest of the Congress which was one of incredible positivity.

Emma was punctual, easy to communicate with and her amazing energy and enthusiasm provided our participants with much to think about, and skills to apply when back in their workplace.

Emma’s ability to understand our Association, connect with the audience, and transform their way of thinking was truly remarkable. She is a complete professional and an expert at what she does, and I can’t speak highly enough of her!

Thank you Emma.

Loula Koutrodimos


Emma had us (me) laughing one moment and trying to hold back the tears the next…She is inspiring on so many levels.

Genevieve Cooper

Manager/ St. Vincent’s at Home & Domiciliary TherapyBN, MClin Nurse, Cert Prom Cont, Grad Dip Human Rel Ed, RN, RM

Emma’s honest, raw and often humorous depiction of her journey was both engaging and compelling, and challenged us all to re evaluate our attitudes and practices as allied health practitioners. She reminded us to see the patient as a real person, to empathise with their loss of roles and lifestyle, whilst simultaneously giving hope to patient and working with them to regain their valued roles in some form. She also reminded us of the importance of partnering with patients in achieving their goals , and the need to have empathy and foster relationship between patient and therapist. I would recommend this presentation to all health professionals as it certainly challenged and inspired me to strive towards making client centred practice the most important aspect of my practice, as sadly this is often overlooked and forgotten.

Natalie Bonallack

Occupational Therapist, Neurology Department, Royal Perth Hospital

… you inspired everyone with your determination and single mindedness to overcome adversity. It was very clear that you had put a great deal of work into tailoring your presentation for our group and every one I spoke to felt they had been on the journey with youWe as a collective group are further exploring ways that we can call on you to further promote awareness of, living with and working with people/children with a disability. You truly inspired everyone in the room and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Joan McKay

Acting Manager, Family Services Department, Boroondara Council (2011)

Emma presented at Moonee Valley City Councils Healthy Ageing Expo on Thursday 29th September 2011. We received positive feedback from those who attended, they were inspired by her determination and strength. Emma encouraged the audience to Step Up with a main focus on being active in the community. We wouldnt hesitate with recommending Emma and have already booked her for our next event!

Christine McPherson

Social Support Officer, Aged & Disability Services

As a professional going out into the community it is vital to remain client centred, but often this premise can get lost along the way. Emma Gee’s message is effective in refocusing the perspective and the need to advocate for the client and their needs. I found Emma’s talk to be a valuable insight into the life and perspective of the client. It is a message that I hope as a professional, I never forget.

Andrea Schwaggerman

Occupational therapy student (3rd year), Edith Cowan University

Emma Gee’s presentation was both inspiring and highly motivational. She brings life her own experience which provides insight and empathy for the audience which can be best summed up in the following quote

Never accept as fact that you can’t make it or you can’t do something. If you are prepared and keep the faith, the universe was designed for your success!!!

For those who want to be inspired and motivated to overcome the obstacles that life can place in front of us then I recommend Emma Gee for spreading the word of hope and determination

Guy Walter

Acting Manager, Aged and Disability Services, Moonee Valley City Council

Emma presented at the Victorian Stroke Clinical Network Stroke Strategy to Practice Forum last month. The evaluation Scores were requested out of five for each item, where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent. Average score reported below.
Presenter Score: Emma Gee 4.75

Specific Presenter Comments:
•Emma Gee continues to be a phenomenal inspiration
•Fantastic presentation by Emma.
•Emma who was a very valuable and inspirational presenter should present early in the morning.
•Last presenter Emma Gee is a powerful witness to the debilitation caused by stroke and the inspiration to be a better stroke nurse coordinator and educate others to be better stroke care givers and keep ongoing in educational activities
•Emma Gee’s presentation had great footage/visuals – good job. Very interesting.

…we were totally taken by her presentation, her life story, the hardships, the humour, the sound effects, use of props, the powerpoint, her professionalism and her fantastic nature. Timeframe was perfect also. It will likely be one of the most awe inspiring and memorable talks that certainly I and many of our staff have attended in our lifetime.

Liz Mondry

Monash Council

Never give up in life…
It was a very empowering presentation, I enjoyed listening to her story, there was laughter, and I could feel the pain but I can also see what a strong and powerful lady Emma is. Its amazing it brought back so many memories of when I was a carer, I actually witnessed doors being left open while people are showering, people staring at my clients because they are in wheel chairs, etc.
Emma’s presentation shows that you should never give up in life, doesn’t matter what you are facing there is always a positive.

Direct Care Staff Member, Knox City Council

Participants overwhelmingly agreed that Emma Gee was the most popular presenter at the DHS Grampians and Barwon South-West ReOrient Express Conference, and they could have had much more of her.

Emma is a great story teller with excellent wry, paradoxical and sometimes blunt photographs to support her presentation…a highly recommended keynote speaker

Fiona Strahan

Co-ordinator Community Building and Strategic Development, Social Inclusion and Planning, Department of Human Services

…I owe you big time I finally did it thanks to you and the nabenet team at 54 and with a disability I’m working again woo hoo, and it’s your fault, he,he, I’m the service co-ordinator for the largest hydronic heating service company in Victoria an I have landed on my feet, thanks for giving me the hope and motivation to succeed Emma…your greatest asset is that you have the ability to change lives , thanks for what you have done to mine, fondly your grateful friend, keep it up girl your a true angel.

NabeNet Jobseeker

From the perspective of an event organiser I found Emma to be well organised, clear in her requirements and punctual. While she is at an event she gives fully of her time and energy, engaging with the audience during question time and afterwards as individuals approach her. She is adaptable and as I have heard her speak at two very different events (ASM and Safety Register) I can verify that she can apply her story and experiences to the audience and the theme of the day. She always responds to my phone calls or emails in a timely manner, paying attention to detail and listening to my requirements. She is a pleasure to work with. From listeners to Emma’s presentation the following comments have been heard. She was an inspiration to meher talk was so interesting and sincere also comments conveying the message that she had put a lot of work and thought in to her presentation and she was friendly and approachable. So far I have registered 2 new disabled clients onto the Safety Register since the forum, both of whom said that after hearing Emma they thought they should just take up the opportunity for something a bit extra even though they didn’t absolutely need it.

Nona Hurrell

Coordinator Safety Register

The staff only had positive comments. Your presentation was interesting, engaging and thought provoking to summaries the feedback. Length was just right. Method of presentation was very helpful and tailoring to our policy focus made even more relevant

Heather McMinn

Cinical services manager, Each Partners in building healthy communities Maroondah social & community health centre

… thank you for inspiring me. Your strength is amazing. I loved the shoes. I often reflect on your presentation and gain strength from it

NabeNet Jobseeker

…We came away with motivation to design, develop and manufacture equipment that are both esthetically and functionally pleasing for the disabled.

Kenneth Yi

Principal Advisor Business Development, College of Science, Engineering and Health, RMIT University

Emma Gees presentation was dynamic, insightful and truly honest about her journey following a major stroke which changed her life dramatically. This was both from an individual and health professional (occupational therapist) perspective. Her delivery was poignant, humorous and most engaging, allowing Emma to lead her audience through the stages, challenges and experiences she met along the way.

The detail of how it feels to be a patient and what would have been most useful and should have been considered in her journey, certainly made us re-think our approach to delivering therapy and how to empower individuals so they are in control of their own recovery. Her advocacy for client-centred practice was excellent. In addition, the daily effort and challenges she and her family faced in her recovery were explored and tips given as what would have made a difference to the process. Most enlightening was her positive attitude and realistic approach to achieving independence. We were given an insight into the stages Emma went through as she re-established her new life and what these changes meant to her.

The occupational therapy staff were incredibly appreciative, motivated and inspired by Emmas session. It certainly made us mindful of how we practice and relate to our patients and what is most important to them both from a personal and professional perspective.

Helen Margaria

Superintendent Occupational Therapist, Royal Perth Hospital, October 2011

Emma brings the process of recovery to life

Hilary Johnson

CRS Speech Pathologist (Speech Pathology of Australia 2010 Conference)

Emma made my issues seem insignificant, I feel like I never want to grumble again

Community Interlink Keynote 2010

Emma, your presentation was incredibly powerful and the girls were very moved by your strength, resilience and your wonderful sense of humour.

Scott Pannam

Yr 12 Strathcona BGGS Coordinator

Emma you were absolutely fabulous and such an inspiration to us all. Thank you giving us an insight into your experiences. I am sure it helped our staff understand the Active Service Model in a meaningful way.

Lisa Foord

Manager Health, Ageing and Disability Services

Emma is able to convey the “do with not for” message to us in a way no dusty document or clinical lecture can.

Vivienne Cunningham-Smith

General Manager , Primary Health Care Services

I will be a better OT because of you.


Occupational Therapy student

Found Emma to be thoroughly inspiring and very engaging. The focus on corporate empathy is extremely relevant to the work we do in Service Improvement and the client service strategies we attempt to promote throughout the organisation. I think Emma’s sessions should be compulsory attendance for all TAC staff!

TAC Staff Member

Emma Gee is a truly inspiring speaker. Having had the pleasure of listening to Emma’s Keynote presentation at the National Occupational Therapy Conference on the Gold Coast in 2011 I jumped at the opportunity to have Emma present at the University of Newcastle.

Emma delivered two high quality sessions on client-centred practice and was able to engage clinicians and students in not only her story but the process of changing practice. Emma was able to advocate for the needs of all clients receiving healthcare services and shared her own transformative experiences to bring client centred practice for the forefront of service delivery.


Dr Kylie Wales

Course Coordinator/Lecturer Occupational Therapy, The University of Newcastle

‘Emma engaged the audience with her inspirational and thought provoking presentation. Her ability to pragmatically overcome such adversity and then articulate it in such a power manner will undoubtedly enable all audience member to bounce higher in their person and professional lives’.

Western Metro Region Alliance

Emma has a unique and inspiring way of weaving very important messages for health care professionals and services providers into her storytelling. Emma’s story encompasses both the very best in health care and the very worst, and demonstrates how with the right support and in spite of some heavy challenges, she has fought with fierce determination to reclaim her independence. I’ve seen Emma present twice now and each time have walked away feeling both amazed at her determination and challenged to do better. I highly recommend Emma Gee as both a motivational and educational speaker.

TAC Staff Member

Emma’s story touched us in ways we were not expecting. Her presentation was not a standard corporate speech on how to be resilient – it was a moving, inspiring tale told in a cheeky and challenging manner.

Emma reminded us to be grateful for the little things and to demonstrate empathy and respect in our work and home lives. She epitomises determination and strength and we felt honoured that she shared with us the lessons she has had to learn throughout her journey of reinvention

Belinda Berry

Diversity Team?, Department of Immigration and Border Protection

  • Emma was an amazing & inspirational speaker and her story was very moving. Thank you for asking Emma to come to Southern Cross.
  • Brilliant!!! Emma is an absolutely amazing and beautiful person. An inspiration. Really appreciated the opportunity to hear her story.
  • Truly inspirational and just goes to show that despite all odds, you can do so much. It’s all a mindset and your perceptions as to whether you are able to do something or not.
  • Very inspiring. I loved the message it is not what happens but how you choose to deal with it.
Southern Cross Health Society Staff Feedback. New Zealand, 2017

Southern Cross Health Society Staff Feedback. New Zealand, 2017

  • Emma was amazing, so inspiring, down to earth, funny and a wonderful human being, thank-you for asking her to come and speak so honestly to us. Wish her the best on her recovery!
  • It was inspirational and very much needed reminder to be present in moment
  •  It was amazing, I just finished her book over the weekend. Her insights from both a health professional and a patient perspective are really helpful
  • I was really moved by Emma’s story and also found it very inspiring. I will certainly give more effort to bouncing back from challenges from now on.
  • Very inspirational and am so glad we got to hear Emma talk about her experiences. Thanks for making it happen team.
Southern Cross Health Society Staff Feedback. New Zealand, 2017

Southern Cross Health Society Staff Feedback. New Zealand, 2017

Far out, came away thinking ‘be a better human’!!!  I’ve thought about Emma a lot since yesterday. I thought she did a lovely job of telling a very emotional story and the fact she could weave humor in was amazing.  Definitely some lovely messages in here for us all personally to think about every day when we’re faced with challenges.  Nothing will be as much as what she’s been through and continues to go through.  WOW.  What an amazing human.  🙂

Southern Cross Health Society Staff Feedback. New Zealand, 2017

TAC Staff Member

  • Wow! How amazing is Emma? She has so much courage and perseverance. Thanks for bringing us such an inspiring story – it will stay with me for a long time.
  • Emma was a wonderful speaker, and a real inspiration to listen to. Her messages were definitely empowering as well. Great stuff Switch2Well
  • What an eye-opener! I found Emma’s story beyond moving and very inspirational.
Southern Cross Health Society Staff Feedback. New Zealand, 2017

  • Deep and impactful. Puts your problems into perspective.
  • She was very funny and informative. I stayed awake through the whole hour. And I learnt a few things. One that stood out was to “BE PROACTIVE, NOT REACTIVE!”.
  • This was an amazing, inspiring seminar.
  •   A strong reminder to not sweat the small stuff!
Southern Cross Health Society Staff Feedback, New Zealand, 2017

Listening to Emma Gee talk about her experiences was inspirational. She provided clarity and insight into the experiences of people who have a brain injury and are on their journey to recovery. I am grateful to her for sharing such valuable information, that has impacted the way I will communicate with people during the therapy process. Emma’s professional presentation was open, honest, descriptive and filled with elements of humour and heartache. I thank her for the opportunity of listening to her journey and sharing her ability to embrace who she really is. If only we could all do that!

Melissa Georgiades

3rd year Occupational therapy student, Edith Cowan University

In terms of the GRAND Conference in October 2010, we received 115 written evaluation responses (out of 250+ delegates), which overall were very positive for the whole conference event.

Question 3 of our Evaluation was: What did you find was the most interesting part of the conference?

………..and as you can see the feedback on your session was terrific:
31 respondents indicated Emma Gee as the most interesting commenting that: fantastic young woman; inspirational talk, moving! She was fantastic on opening the day; listening to her journey; Excellent!; “what a person” ; inspirational ; one of the best presentations I have experienced & the most meaningful.

Ingrid Waters

Project Manager, Social Engagement Services, St Laurence Community Services

Emma’s presentation is very inspirational. As a young stoke survivor Emma shared her life story from a young girl with the world at her feet to over coming daily hurdles we take for granted. Emma showed with a bit of resilience, integrity, determination and good communication we can overcome our own personal obstacles and achieve our goals. Emma well done.

Murray Talbot

Senior Station Officer, Community Resilience, JFAIP -State Co-ordinator Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

Emma’s Brochure:

Emma Gee Brochure Click on image to download.

Five Reasons To Book Emma:

1. Gain Understanding...
Are you confident that your staff are really putting themselves in another's shoes?
2. Be Empowering...
How do you empower those around you?
3. Start Choosing...
How would you cope if you had a stroke at the young age of 24?
4. Try Challenging...
Do you set goals and step up to meet them?
5. Be Inspiring...
Do you need to be inspired to life a life you love?!




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