Education Quote Kenneth YiDo you need another to workshop specific issues/areas within your workplace environment?

Does your team need a bit of motivation?

Perhaps they need time to ‘stop still’ and reflect on what their doing and why?

Emma runs inspiring interactive workshops that are a great opportunity for you, your team members, students and your clients to reflect and apply Emma’s key messages to your/their personal and professional lives.

Emma’s workshops have explored some of the following topics.

Speak with Emma to work out which combination of the above topics work best for you. Choose to step up in your own life and book Emma today!

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Five Reasons To Book Emma:

1. Gain Understanding... 
Are you confident that your staff are really putting themselves in another's shoes? 
2. Be Empowering...
How do you empower those around you? 
3. Start Choosing...
How would you cope if you had a stroke at the young age of 24? 
4. Try Challenging...
Do you set goals and step up to meet them? 
5. Be Inspiring...
Do you need to be inspired to life a life you love?!




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