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Emma Gee is one of Australia’s acclaimed Inspirational Speakers, offering her thoughts and solutions on resilience and person-centred care and through her keynote presentations, workshops and consultancy.


Reinventing Emma Book Review - "...You have changed my life & I hope to be a better therapist for reading your story..."

Emma advocates for Stroke Consumers

Emma advocates for other consumers at Victorian Stroke Clinical Network Strategy Day;)

"This was the best session I have ever attended in 19 years of nursing..."

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Emma's OT Student Lecture Feedback

  • “astounding lecture”
  • “loved the part where Emma talked about dignity and respect for a person”
  • “I will definitely remember this when I start working as an OT”


  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Consulting


  • Resilience
  • Person centred-care


  • Reinventing Emma -Strengths Based Nursing Subject (Essential Reading) Introduced, University of Tasmania, Semester #2, 2017
  • Newcastle University: Public Seminar 2017 – Lived Experience: Reinventing Emma, Resilience.
  • Occupational Therapy Workshop – Person centred care, Newcastle 2017
  • Western Health – Stroke Week 2017 Seminar
  • Jetstar Consultancy 2017
  • NDIS Innovative Workforce Fund Project 2017 – ongoing
  • AIN Adelaide Meeting 2017
  • Cohealth: West Metro Alliance launch 2017
  • NDIS Innovative Workforce Forum 2017
  • CRE Stroke Research & Consumer Forum 2017
  • Monash Health – Gathering of Kindness x 2 Forums, 2017
  • Resilience Nunawading Probus 2017
  • Monash Health – Consumer Voices Project Work  2017
  • Victorian Stroke Clinical Network Strategy Day – Consumer Rep 2017
  • Austin Donor Anniversary Function 2017
  • Monash Health Orientation Seminar x 2, 2018
  • Gippsland Allied Health Symposium  June, 2018
  • SESLHD Occupational Therapy Patient Centred Practice 2018
  • NDIS Innovative Workforce Fund Project 2018 – ongoing
  • McGuire College Wellbeing Sessions 2018 (7&8, 9 &10, 11 & 12)
  • Shepparton High School Wellbeing Sessions 2018 (7&8, 9 &10, 11 & 12)
  • Australian Catholic University Occupational Therapy Student Lecture 2018
  • Monash University Masters of Occupational Therapy Students 2018
  • Monash University Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy Student Lecture – Empathy 2018
  • Latrobe University Occupational Therapy – Counselling Skills Tutorials 2018
  • Swinburne University Masters of Occupational Therapy Students 2018
  • University of Tasmania – Nursing Students – Reinventing Emma 2018 (ongoing)

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Emma, your presentation was incredibly powerful and the girls were very moved by your strength, resilience and your wonderful sense of humour.

Scott Pannam

Yr 12 Strathcona, BGGS Coordinator

Emma had us (me) laughing one moment and trying to hold back the tears the next…She is inspiring on so many levels.

Genevieve Cooper

Manager, St Vincent's Hospital

Emma’s honest, raw and often humorous depiction of her journey was both engaging and compelling, and challenged us all to re evaluate our attitudes and practices as allied health practitioners. She reminded us to see the patient as a real person, to empathise with their loss of roles and lifestyle, whilst simultaneously giving hope to patient and working with them to regain their valued roles in some form.

She also reminded us of the importance of partnering with patients in achieving their goals, and the need to have empathy and foster relationship between patient and therapist.

I would recommend this presentation to all health professionals as it certainly challenged and inspired me to strive towards making client centred practice the most important aspect of my practice, as sadly this is often overlooked and forgotten.

Natalie Bonallack

Occupational Therapist – Neurology Department, Royal Perth Hospital

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