Emma Gee

Inspirational Speaker & Author

Emma Gee is one of Australia’s acclaimed Inspirational Speakers, offering her thoughts and solutions on
resilience and person-centred care. 

Emma’s services include: keynote presentations, workshops and consulting. Emma is also a published author having written her own memoir titled Reinventing Emma

**Also available as an eBook**

“…illuminating in its candour and uplifting in its illustration of the inner strength of an exceptional young woman.”

The Honourable Quentin Bryce

“Many people have told me how much they appreciated your words and and how deeply the girls listened. You could have heard a pin drop. We need to hear more of this kind of message.”

Helen Creed,
School Chaplain, Year 8 Coordinator, Camberwell Girls Grammar School

“…it is required reading for every health professional, every health consumer.”

Nick Rushworth,
Executive Officer, Brain Injury Australia

“Emma had us (me) laughing one moment and trying to hold back the tears the next… She is inspiring on so many levels.”

Genevieve Cooper, Manager
St. Vincent’s at Home & Domiciliary Therapy 

“An amazing true story of courage, compassion, and commitment in the face of devastating loss.”

Dr Russ Harris,
M.B.B.S. and author of The Happiness Trap

“Emma, your presentation was incredibly powerful and the girls were very moved by your strength, resilience and your wonderful sense of humour.”

Scott Pannam,
Yr 12 Strathcona, BGGS Coordinator

“This resilient young lady has reaffirmed my own belief…”

Cheryl Koenig OAM,
Author & Motivational Speaker

“…We came away with motivation to design, develop and manufacture equipment that are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing for the disabled.”

Kenneth Yi,
Principal Advisor Business Development,
College of Science, Engineering and Health, RMIT University

“Emma’s book is beautifully written and … will leave you wanting more.”

Dr Annie McCluskey,
Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, The University of Sydney





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12 Reasons to Book Emma & Read Her Memoir














“What will things look like for you?” 

"What will things look like for you?"  When preparing for our emergence from varied periods of isolation and adapting to new restrictions, this is probably a good question to ponder. I'm sure there are things we have learnt, things we are dying to resume and certain...

Masking your Happiness

“Smile Em,” my sister instructs from behind her camera. I’m sitting fully masked (posing as directed) with my nieces &nephew standing at the required covid distance. I roll my eyes sarcastically and muffle, “Seriously Bec, smiling with a facial palsy’s hard...

Upcoming Events

  • Occupational Therapy The Exchange Conference: Learn, Practise & Enrich, Melbourne, 2020
  • University of Melbourne Workshop: Designing a telehealth physical stroke rehabilitation program for people with moderate to severe stroke using an integrated knowledge translation approach, August 2020
  • Coffee Club Peer Support – Genyus 2020 (ongoing)
  • GRP Speech Pathology Virtual Keynote – Person centred Care & Resilience
  • Monash University – Mentoring OT Students & Development of Online Resources for People with a disability in Isolation 2020 (ongoing)
  • Florey Institute – Responding to Human Needs: Designing for rehabilitation now and into the future” 2020
  • Summer Foundation: Community Attitudes: Social and economic participation – National Disability Strategy Beyond 2020 cross-sector collaborative workshop
  • Monash Health Allied Health Professionals Day – Virtual Keynote, 2020
  • Baptist Care Australia: Virtual Annual Staff Virtual Conference ‘Courage through Crisis’ Keynote, 2020
  • Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA) Live session 2020
  • DHHS Victorian  Alied Health Capability Implementation Project 2020 (ongoing)
  • NSF Young Stroke Project by NDIA, 2020 (ongoing)
  • Latrobe University 2020: Interviewing Skills Occupational Therapy Students
  • Monash University 2020: Person Centred Care: Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy Students
  • The OT Hub -Person-centred care OT Webinar 2020: International OT Group
  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College Ladies College – Yr 12 students, Resilience 2020
  • Occupational Therapy Keynote Breakfast, Perth 2021
  • Reinventing Emma -Strengths Based Nursing Subject (Essential Reading) Introduced, University of Tasmania (Ongoing)


” …Emma Gee’s talk was insightful. “Meaning as medicine” “work with me not for me”. Two phrases I will honestly reflect on. “Lets choose to enrich”… “

Brad Williams, Occupational Therapist #OTExchange2020