Emma Gee:
Lived Experience Consultant | Occupational Therapist & Author

Meet Australia’s most impactful & unique rehabilitation health advocate, workshop leader, consultant, mentor, and keynote speaker.

Be inspired to live a life you love.


Emma’s services include: keynote presentations, workshops and consulting

“From Emma, we actually know more about the client’s perspective – from Emma’s perspective – because she has lived experience.”

From Emma, we actually know more about the client’s perspective – from Emma’s perspective – because she has lived experience

You will hire Emma because through her lived experience she:

  • Knows how to develop resilience, grow perspective, and reflect on practice
  • She delivers teachings on collaborative strategies, developing empathy, and strengthening relationships
  • She helps you improve critical thinking, apply learnings, and gain understanding 

    By engaging with Emma and her work you will be inspired, discover new ways to be challenged, and actively decide what you choose to value.

    “Emma’s honest, raw and often humorous depiction of her journey was both engaging and compelling, and challenged us all to re-evaluate our attitudes and practices”



    Returning home from hospital

    It wasn’t really a “Good” Friday when I was discharged from hospital with the realization that I couldn’t go home. I had to go to my parents' environment and care.  After being in the hospital routine for a few weeks, it was a shock going back into my parents’ house....

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    Delegating My Support

    Ever since my recent hospital admission, I have felt like a burden to those around me. Having to rely heavily on people a lot more than usual has definitely taken a toll on my mental health. In fact, the moment I entered the hospital, I felt the weight of my...

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    “…You are simply one inspiring human being, thank you for sharing your journey! Anyone that is fortunate enough to be in your company is given the opportunity to truly understand the foundational elements of true holistic person-centred care and how it truly is a non-negotiable and an absolute human right.”


    Director of Community Health, Timboon and District Healthcare Service.

    “I have heard you speak Emma and been absolutely blown away by the value in what you have to say. The combination of the patient perspective and the clinician perspective is a treasure! It’s gold!”

    Susan Aldrich

    Occupational Therapist

    “Not only is Emma an absolute joy to work with but her unique journey and insights are the most inspirational to learn about, both personally and professionally. I’ve engaged with Emma on two occasions now and we will continue to collaborate in the future. My speech pathology team were lucky enough to hear Emma speak and they left feeling so empowered to approach their clinical work with a new found perspective and, practise our mission with even more precision and understanding; ‘to empower every person to reach their full potential’. Emma highlights her rehabilitation journey following stroke and the critical impact that holistic and functional approaches to care made to her outcomes. Emma is a true inspiration to all and encapsulates, so beautifully in her words that; ‘it’s not what happens in life that matters, it’s how you choose to deal with it’. I can’t recommend Emma more highly for your next professional event! An absolute icon!”

    Gabriella Ptasznik| CEO GRP Speech Pathology


        • Ballarat Community Health Service Keynotes x 3: Person Centred Care & Collaboration, 2024

          The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Brain Matters Book Club: Q & A with the author of Reinventing Emma , 2024

          Deakin University Workshop: Exploring nature-based design in stroke rehabilitation settings, 2024

          Safe Carer Victoria and Stroke Foundation: Inquiry into Women’s Pain Workshops x 3 2024

          Monash Health Allied Health Celebration, 2024

          Swinburne University Occupational Therapy Lecture: Person-centred Care, 2024

          University of Melbourne. Music Therapy Students, 2024

          Monash University. Occupational & Physiotherapy Students, 22 August 2024.

          Deakin University. Occupational Therapy 4th Year Students, 2024.

          NSW Health World Kindness Event, 2024.

          Australian Catholic University Occupational Therapy Lecture: Person-centred Care, 2024

          Flinders University. Asset Self Efficacy Project (ongoing)

          Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing External Sector Advisory Group (ongoing)

          Monash University – Stakeholder Advisory Group (ongoing)

          Co-Authoring chapter on occupational therapy and assistive technology in the 3rd edition of Occupational Therapy in Australia, 2024

          Co-Authoring chapter on Co-designing plans to access, initiate and sustain occupational participation, Curtin et al. Occupational Therapy for People Experiencing Illness, Injury or Impairment_8th edn

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