After I had my stroke, the thing that I found most powerful in my recovery was the reminder to stay present. 

It’s always been evident to me that through every transition of change that I go through, it’s so easy to get fixated on the past and the “what if’s” etc. I know that to move forwards I need to be in a good mindset ‘NOW’. That’s the recovery. Let go of the past and it’s easier to be engaged in activities that I can do now. 

When we think of our lives and the negative experiences we face, the past can sometimes hold resentment of what we’ve been through and the future can be riddled with anxiety of what’s to come next. Being present is self soothing in being able to consider where we’re at right now and being grateful for that place. 

A big part of my recovery has been doing yoga. This is not only for my physical body, but also for my mental space and coming back to the present moment. When I am able to do that, I find everything less overwhelming and far more achievable. I also find that I’m so much more grateful for what I can do, rather than what I can’t do.

My recent eye graph procedure has been another great reminder that healing is not a linear path and there are always obstacles. It’s been really important for me to stay present in that rather than get lost in resentment and anxiety. It’s not always easy, but it’s always important. 

In fact, I have recently embarked on a yoga teacher training course to both physically and emotionally heal. You can read a blog post I wrote for the Australian Yoga Alliance here.

The quote on the studio wall really resonated with me – 

“This is my time. this is my space

I am Heart and mind open.

Ready to heal and grow.

No competition. No judgment.

I am not my past.

Tomorrow will be what I make it today” @AYA



What could you do in your life today to stay present?

Are you able to encourage another to engage in a certain hobby or activity so they can ‘let go’ of their past and be more mindful ‘now’?

Whether it’s yoga, gardening, a walk or just noticing your breath, how could that enable you to live in the NOW?