This National Stroke Week (7 – 13 August 2023) the Stroke Foundation is encouraging the community to fight stroke together.

As a stroke survivor of 18 years this theme is so pertinent to stroke recovery. It’s certainly been a collaborative effort. I couldn’t imagine encountering all I’ve endured in my own journey without all my supports. It’s thanks to their phenomenal efforts that I can make my own stroke worthwhile by advocating for so many others. Stroke definitely impacts us all so differently but is a team effort- From prevention, education & research to improving life after stroke.

As I write in my book

“…A stroke, whenever it happens, is a terrible and life-changing experience. Everybody’s story is different and, although we share many struggles with tiredness, and lack of understanding, support and motivation, disability comes in many forms. It can happen at varying life stages and impacts us and those we love in many different ways…”

So, let’s all fight stroke together by simply familiarising yourself or another with the FAST stroke signs, enabling those impacted by stroke to share and advocate or supporting another to live better after stroke.