What is the 52 Week Bounce 2014 Challenge? The Challenge is a combination of ‘BOUNCE word gifts’ along with images and quotes that emanate from that word. Each Week you will be given one BOUNCE word gift and example BOUNCE actions that you can consider incorporating into your week. Words only come to life when we put them into action so the aim of the challenge is to BOUNCE each word into action in your life. At the end of each week Emma will share how she has incorporated that word gift and put it into action. This is where you may want to share how you employed each BOUNCE gift too. Emma has generated a BOUNCE word gift’ list for the year ahead but is open to people’s suggestions on certain words and action examples to incorporate in the challenge. Where did the 52 Week Bounce 2014 Challenge come from? The Bounce 2014 Challenge stems from Emma’s involvement in the 2013 Grateful 365 Project. Emma found that she was becoming increasingly resentful and learnt that ‘gratefulness and resentment could not co-exist. Subsequently, Emma enlisted in the project, hoping that by becoming thankful for so many things in her day, she would enhance her positive outlook on life and ability to live in the present. Rather than focusing on the negative things and becoming engulfed in events and circumstances out of her control, she decided to choose to see if this project could change her ways. For every day in 2013 Emma took a photo of what she was grateful for and posted this along with an explanation on Facebook. Although she initially doubted that she could be grateful for so many things, overtime she began looking for positive things in her day. In fact, she became bombarded by the many positive aspects of her day, even beginning to add ‘Bonus Day’s to her Facebook feed. Now she has 365 photographs and explanations that record the many grateful events that occurred in 2013 (see Emma’s 365 Grateful Project). Sharing this project and the 365 photographs is unlikely to elicit the same benefit in others, as they are all symbolic of personal events in Emma’s life. However, she thought that perhaps the 52 BOUNCE 2014 Challenge could emulate the many rewards Emma reaped from the project. Why become involved in the 52 Week Bounce 2014 Challenge? After completing the 365 Grateful Project in 2013 Emma not only found that she has become more present, grateful and less resentful in her everyday but also found that her positivity snowballed on others. It also added structure to her day, a positive routine that she felt accountable to complete. At the conclusion of the 52 Week BOUNCE 2014 Challenge, you will have explored with others and in your own life, 52 different word gifts and hopefully put many of them into action. It’s likely too that you would’ve had a new attitude to life and perhaps even positively change the attitudes of others around you. BOUNCE Word Gift Template How do I become involved in the 52 Week Bounce 2014 Challenge? Whether you are an active participant or just keen to observe the Facebook feed, emma-gee.com thinks you’ll still benefit. The Weekly ‘BOUNCE Word Gifts & Actions’ given to you each week may merely make you more aware of the BOUNCE factor in yourself or another. Whether you share them on the feed or not, is up to you. This Challenge may merely give you the structure you need to boost your ability to adopt a positive mindset. Perhaps, they’ll just act as ‘reminders’ of how you can control how you deal with things as 2014 unfolds. How long does it go for? As the 52 Week Bounce 2014 Challenge’ title suggests, the challenge will be ongoing throughout 2014 for 52 Weeks. BOUNCE Images & Quotes Will it matter if I start later? Although it’d be good to get you involvement earlier on in the BOUNCE 2014 Challenge, you can dip in and out of the Project throughout the year. BOUNCE Action Template Good luck for the year ahead Everyone! If this doesn’t make sense, please contact me! Looking forward to seeing this 52 Week BOUNCE 2014 Challenge unfold:) BOUNCE Word Gift Template The ‘BOUNCE Word Gifts’ to date have been; Week # 1 – Gratefulness Week # 2 – Awareness Week # 3 – Valuing Week # 4 – Persistence Week # 5 – Happiness Week # 6 – Hopefulness Week # 7 – Appreciation Week # 8 – Let’s Adapt Week # 9 – Let’s Change Week # 10- Let’s Listen Week #11 – Let’s Be Creative Week # 12 – Let’s take a Risk Week # 13 – Let’s Prevent Week # 14 – Let’s Be Playful Week # 15 – Let’s Show Respect Week # 16 – Let’s gain Perspective Week # 17 – Let’s Be Spontaneous Week #18 – Let’s Accept Week #19 Let’s be Generous Week #20 Let’s Persevere Week # 21 Let’s Participate Week # 22 Let’s Reflect Week # 23 Let’s be Accountable Week # 24 Let’s be Joyful Week #25 Let’s be Honest Week #26 Let’s improve our tolerance Week 27 Let’s Nurture Week # 28 Let’s Get Clarity  Week # 29 Let’s improve our Openness
Week # 30 Week # 31 Let’s be Youthful Week # 32 Let’s Empower Week # 33 Let’s be Patient Week # 34 Let’s Celebrate

Week # 35 Let’s Recharge, Week # 36 Let’s be Healthy, Week # 37 Let’s Rest, Week # 39 Let’s be Mindful Week # 40 Let’s be Humble Week # 41 Let’s be Sensitive, Let’s be Tenacious, Week # 43 Let’s Compromise