Focussing on your achievements in 2016 is sometimes hard. It’s often easier to zone in on what went wrong, what we failed to accomplish or what didn’t eventuate as planned. But in this negative mindset we are overlooking our many successes. Subsequently, we are really damaging our own self worth and ability to feel confident about the year ahead.

It’s usually this time of the year where many of us are feeling depleted of energy, even more vulnerable and apprehensive about all that’s ahead. We often become even more reliant on those around us to lift us up and resentful of their attempts when they don’t perform a task exactly how we’d like.

For me, towards the end of this year I injured my hamstring. Not a ‘biggy’ but enough for me to stop doing what I love and use to manage my pain. The ‘two week healing process’ didn’t go fast enough. I felt increasingly frustrated and negative.

In fact, after accepting that in order for it to heal I needed to rest, when the time came to resume these activities I became reluctant to attempt them, fearing I’d only worsen my situation. Easy to be so focused on the problem, what caused it and anxious about our future moves, even pre-empting scenarios that could result. But in that mindset, we forget to live in the present moment – to just ‘be’!

In my case, after listing many excuses for not resuming swimming, I eventually returned to the water. Good to get back to it, but it didn’t work out like I’d hoped. It hurt. I couldn’t swim for more than 10 measly minutes. I exited the pool feeling beaten, so frustrated. Worried about how I’d manage my pain in the future.

Thankfully I was aware of my negative mindset and stopped my thought processes to focus on what I had achieved. I forced myself to list these, fill my mind with positive thoughts – I had returned to the water. I was one step closer to self-managing my pain like I always did. I was able to put my wet suit on and swim for 10 minutes.

So, when you find yourself frustrated or focusing on what’s tough about a certain situation you’re in, remember to stop and think about all the positives. Sometimes we might need another to point these out to us. There’s nothing better than another person highlighting what we often feel too exhausted to think about or pinpoint. It’s a simple act, but by focusing on all there is to do and all we cant do, we fail to be mindful our many accomplishments. Perhaps, it’s time to revaluate that long ‘to do’ list and accept that some things will never be ‘ticked off, not for now anyway.

This Christmas, why not encourage another to stop and reflect on the many good things that have taken place in 2016!