Adapting to COVID19 has certainly been so difficult for everyone!

I naively thought that my 15 years of adaptation to my new stroke realm  had prepared me for this! However, the last few months have only reinforced the importance of both the physical & emotional copying strategies that I’d developed. It’s shown me that even these strategies that seemed to work in managing my condition, needed to be adapted!

I write more about this adaptation process during the early phase of isolation in COVID19 in the StrokeConnections Newsletter 2020. An excerpt of this is included below –

Emma Gee is not one to shy away from a challenge.

After having a stroke in 2005 at the age of 24, Emma’s future changed forever. Emma was an occupational therapist with a love for travel and fitness, but found herself in a situation where she had to learn to swallow, walk and talk again.

Emma has overcome many hurdles since her stroke 14 years ago with love, support and a positive mindset.

This includes establishing her own public speaking business and writing a memoir with dual insights as a therapist and patient. However, when COVID-19 first emerged, she was once again fearful about the future.Emma recognised parallels with the way she felt shortly after her stroke.

“I was walking at my local park and approached a woman I would normally chat to, but rather than acknowledge me or give me a wave from a distance she held up a gloved hand and kept walking. I know this was nothing personal, but it hurt.” Emma said.

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