What’s possible in your life?

I always thought I’d be married, have children and a full-time job at this age. But when I stroked at 24yrs, that plan suddenly changed. I was single, kid-less and unemployed -terrified about whom I’d become. I felt hugely  disadvantaged by my  disability.  Any possibility was squeezed out of me.

Then I realised that although physically trapped, I could choose how I would let my emotions control my future. The more I took on new opportunities, the more I found was possible. I chose to no longer let my deficits I’d acquired dictate my future direction and happiness.

So often I think we believe that we can only be happy when we get ‘x’ or earn $’x’ amount. We are so focussed on achieving ‘x’ that the chance of being happy right now impossible. Common sense huh? But it’s true.

It’s not easy though, I constantly have to remind myself to remain positive, especially if my pain’s bad, I’m tired or have  just had a bad day. But it’s that negative thinking that’s allowing us to be closed to taking up new things and controlling how we tackle situations. The constant  internal dialogue in our heads telling us “yeah right” or “as if!”  is hard to control. But it can be controlled with time and practise.  I am physically limited but I have control over how I handle my emotions. You do too;)

So next time you or another dismisses an opportunity, consider if it could be possible.

Anything’s possible, just allow it to happen:)