I woke feeling quite consumed by negativity – bogged down with all that’s currently taking place in the world. What’s more, as I’ve been unable to see my usual therapists, my pain levels are definitely harder to manage in my semi -isolated state. I felt frustrated, grumpy and unsettled. But, almost in autopilot, I chose to suppress these uncomfortable feelings and went about my day as usual. I couldn’t afford to let my mood or pain levels dictate my performance. I shut them out. I ignored them. However, as the day progressed, these negative feelings just seemed to escalate. My mood was only getting lower. It not only impacted my performance but also my interactions with others. I needed to stop and refuel.

Some ‘time-out’ in the sun on my yoga mat made me really sit with these uncomfortable emotions. As a result, I felt more grounded and gave myself the opportunity to explore these feelings. Fear. sadness and grief emerged. It was amazing how allowing space to sit with these emotions gave me room to acknowledge these feelings. They are certainly still there but in addressing and validating them I feel more able to move forward. I seem to have ‘let go’ of the negative thoughts and made more space for ‘positive’ ones.

Quite often, revealing or addressing uneasy feelings makes us feel more vulnerable, more reliant and less in control. However, the more we ignore them and internalise the discomfort, the more they’ll breed and consume our minds. Like the importance of feeling heard by another, our emotions are no different. If they are not validated they will only feel rejected, generate more discomfort and dominate any helpful feelings.

Often too we feel guilty or selfish for identifying a certain emotion in us and label it as ‘bad’. We tend to internalise it, fearing others’ judgements – ashamed that we are even having these feelings. But there is no such thing as a right or wrong feeling. They are what they are. Let them Go.

So, consider how often you suppress your own feelings? Perhaps become more aware of these emotions. Why are you hiding them? Is it to appear more in control or maybe to avoid concerning another? What is the impact that holding these emotions has on your performance or relationships? Are you more clouded or distracted? How could sharing these feelings help another better understand your behaviour? What ‘time out’ could you implement in your day to sit with the uncomfortable feelings that you may have?

Choose to get out of your own way and boost your mood!