Riddled with nerve pain I sat on the patio deck chair, my back hunched over my thighs and my elbows supporting my forearms so I could cradle my head. I looked down at my thighs and cupped my hands over my ears to block out the squeals of excitement and joy coming from my niece and nephew who were bouncing on the nearby trampoline. It was only 8am and my pain had already skyrocketed. Throbbing and sharp knife-life signals were shooting up my left side. It was cold. I slept so badly and was tired – the bed was uncomfortable…. My mind was infested with negativity. "Seriously, this is not good’. I thought to myself I had a wedding to attend at 3pm and an opportunity to spend time with my interstate family beforehand.

I took a breath, chose to focus on positive thoughts. Rather than bringing my attention to the debilitating pain I chose to snap out of my negative mindset. I stepped onto the green grass and straightened my hunched over posture, sighed loudly and forced an exaggerated smile before walking towards the trampoline.
“Hey Auntie Em” my nephew said
“Watch this,” my niece shouted with excitement before belly flopping onto the black liquorice-like surface.
“Jump with us”, my nephew urged unzipping the net to let me in.
My niece stopped bouncing, “Do you want us to help you up Auntie Em?”

A few minutes later I was bouncing with them both, surrounded by laughter and holding both of their hands. For the remainder of the day I chose to focus on the present rather than the pain I was in. The pain definitely still existed in my every move but my relationship to it changed.

It’s very easy to become so engulfed in our problems and forget to enjoy the NOW. So in your day be mindful of how you let your attitude determine your path. Review your thoughts, and let go of unnecessary stress or problems. Take control of your mindset. You have a choice!