Are you feeling stuck?

When asked about the stagnant spot we’re in,  we often say –

“It feels like every day is Groundhog Day!” or “Nothing has changed for me or is very exciting!’ or even ‘I’m so bored”.

These are common responses right? We really are just craving some change to make life a little bit different or more exciting. A new challenge.

The tricky thing is though, that we usually fear change and the consequential challenge it brings. The chance of facing failure is more likely. It takes us out of the stuck but seemingly ‘’safe’ place we’re in! Any prospect of failure is terrifying. In fact, so terrifying that we often dismiss any thoughts about the growth and learning we’d take from stepping up to this challenge.

In my daily life if I avoid something it means that I’m giving into the fear of it. I’m dismissing any possibilities that could eventuate.

Take my recent exercise of walking unaided at my local park. Something that is hugely confronting for me. In fact, for over six months I’ve pondered doing this. “You’ll fall”, “ You’ll trip and hit your good eye, become completely blind/ or break a bone”. In fact, my mind was so full of fear that I didn’t allow myself to contemplate the many possibilities that would eventuate. Namely – feeling challenged not only made me feel like I was moving forward in life but also triggered other benefits like feeling stronger, moving faster, improving my strength, posture and coordination.

Consider that whatever it is we are scared of pursuing, we are actually letting fear dictate our life. Whilst it’s important and healthy to be aware of the risks or negatives associated with that change, don’t let them be the only thoughts that fill your mind. Choose to also list the positives and possibilities.

We all need to keep challenging ourselves to change. But it’s up to each of us on whether we focus on the fear associated with that change or the possibilities that could result.

“A challenge brings change. Choose to balance your fears with possibility!”