photo[18]After a morning’s work and early yoga session, I’d hopped on the tram to return home for lunch. Satisfied with my morning’s accomplishments, I spent the short trip checking my missed calls and enjoying the empty seat next to me – this time of day was perfect for travelling on public transport, especially for a physically disabled person. I didn’t have to spend the entire journey apologizing to my fellow commuters for partially blocking the tram’s passageway with my walking frame. My maroon laptop bag could even have an entire seat.

At my stop I asked a lady with an adorable baby in a stroller to help me lift me frame down onto the road. Locking the pram, she lowered the aid but the left front wheel was caught in the door so I put my laptop back on the seat to try and wrench it free. I was concerned that the lady who helped me would be left on the road, leaving the baby on board. So I quickly thanked her and safely crossed the road. Once I’d lifted my frame onto the nature strip, I stopped to adjust my bag before going any further. As I heard the tram driving off I suddenly panicked- my laptop was still on the vehicle!

Nine hours later, after calling the Yarra Tram’s lost property hotline, the local police stations and my insurance company, I still had no idea where my laptop was. I felt sick thinking about it. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I found myself asking, “What if…?” or blaming myself saying things like, “You’re so stupid” or stressing about whether my laptop would turn up. While these are feelings which naturally arise, we can choose to acknowledge them and let them travel by, or hold onto them. Some things happen that are totally out of our control.

Often we do stupid things (I do them quite frequently) and become over anxious about the ‘unknown’ or so focused on the past. Subsequently, we forget that we do have control over how we handle things in the ‘present’. Do we want to spend the time we have in the moment blaming ourselves, being full of regret and riddled with anxiety about the future? Instead, choose to hold onto what matters in life!!!!!

Ps 24hours later the laptop was returned to me – relief!