“Are you better now?” my cleaner asks me.

To be honest, I don’t really know how to answer that. I feel fine, but I guess I’m still a disabled person. People seem to think that because of my disability I really am not feeling ok.

So I reply;

“Yep, I feel good…well I’m not sick really”.

Her puzzled look at me and my frame makes me add,

“I just have a chronic condition”. I shrug my shoulders.

She looks even more confused and almost grimaces in a pitying kind of way.

I love my life. Many would query how I do when I have a disability, but I do.

I think sometimes we assume that someone’s quality of life is crushed as soon as they acquire a disability or can’t do something ‘normally’. However, consider that anyone can still enjoy life  and turn obstacles into opportunities. Another’s lifestyle  may not be viewed by you as ‘fun’ – you may wonder how they could ever ‘love life’ when they’re living in a disability shell.

‘Feeling better’ is so variable. It’s so relative to what you’ve been through.

Anyone can feel great and  love life if they choose to do so.