Facing the year ahead is exciting but also daunting. For many, the Christmas period was a chance to refuel – they’re pumped to encounter 2012 with zest. For these people, they’ve already built a strong foundation for dealing with the challenges they may face.
Others though, perhaps have begun the new year after spending the holiday break alone, stressed & struggle to start the new year without lugging around the problems of their past – 2012’s already negatively tainted.

We all have issues & have encountered various problems in our past. We can choose to let these dictate our future though. Being resilient is choosing to tackle whatever we face with patience, persistance & learning from our past. It’s perhaps leaning on those whom may have a stronger foundation when we feel depleted.

Personally, reflecting on what I’ve tackled and achieved in the last six years makes each hurdle I encounter that much easier. Actually, my achievements are largely due to overcoming an obstacle or drawing on a lesson I have learnt from a particular experience in my past. It’s amazing how more resilient you become when you can reflect on what you’ve overcome and gained.

So, whatever you’ve faced, choose to benefit from the experience – choose to rebound.

“Happiness isn’t living everyday problem-free is having the ability to develop resilience” Emma Gee