Ever tried to run through water? The resistance kills you huh! Well, I definitely get that feeling when I try and wheel my frame on sand. On the soft stuff, I hardly move and end up lifting it with each step. It’s usually hot too, and with no temperature sensation on my left side, wearing bare feet is not an option – I can’t run either:(if only they designed conveyor belts for the beach!)

Then there’s the harder sand, that once covered my toes but now it’s more like walking on quick sand and if I stand still it swallows the aid.

I once loved letting the waves chase me. I still get the adrenalin rush now when it hits, but this time there’s no escape. ‘Tagged’ by the ocean:(

For me, I’m concentrating too hard on my feet (so not to fall) that I don’t see the view. However, hearing the crashing waves and smelling the wafts of sunscreen and seaweed that lap me and my frame, relaxes me.

Despite nolonger doing ‘beach runs’, seeing my puppy click his heels, dodge the waves and run, made my drenched jeans and wet red shoes worth it:)