Many of you who know I’m physically impaired, know I’m not quite the tennis opponent or partner you had in mind. But this is a game where you won’t sweat or need any equipment. Even if you’re the most uncoordinated being, will be able to easily return the ball 100% of the time.

You can play it with your colleagues, with friends walking to coffee or family over dinner. In fact, you can even play alone when sitting in a traffic jam, having a shower or standing in a cue – use your energy and time focusing on positive thoughts, warm up your mind.


Ok, all you have to do is BE GRATEFUL!

Here’s how you play with another but if alone, try and hit positive and grateful thoughts to yourself–

1. You pick any opponent and say, “I’m grateful for…..”
2. Then they hit what they’re thankful for by saying, “I’m grateful for…”
3. And the game goes back and forth until someone stops – it will require you to practice so why not put aside a few minutes of your day and have a hit?

Not only will it improve your happiness, optimism & gratefulness but by serving your grateful shots, you’ll also positively trigger another’s great performance!

Have a go!