Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Emma Gee  and  I am an Occupational Therapist, Stroke Survivor  and Inspirational Speaker.

As you’ve arrived at my site I’m assuming you’ve heard about my experiences over the past five years, been diagnosed with a congenital AVM, undergoing brain surgery and subsequently stroking at 24, tackling rehabilitation and trying to integrate into the community. Somehow, in relearning how to speak again, I began my own inspirational speaking business to inspire change in others’ lives through my writing and presenting,

So, what’s the obsession with shoes? – you ask

Well, to be honest, I hate feet. When I chose to pursue a career in the Health Science field, Podiatry was definitely not an option. But I think people often take for granted what their feet can do in their shoes. I thought maybe in using a ‘shoe analogy’ I could relay my journey more powerfully and  increase disability awareness amongst my audience. To get people to ‘step up’ and really put themselves in another’s shoes.

And why share your own steps? – you add

Sharing my own steps in this blog is my way of sharing my life as a stroke survivor to highlight the longevity of recovery and hopefully you can try on my shoes for a bit and all ‘step up’ in your own lives. I think we can all help each other out…and in my eyes, there’s no better way than through sharing my own steps.  So I may go in the wrong direction, you may query why I’m stepping like I am, but I am passionate to share my journey with you to inspire change in your life.

I hope that you do benefit from my stepping. Enjoy!

Emma x