Another few sessions with jobseekers on the 29/09/2010 hopefully got people to ‘step up’ in their own lives.

One of the participants wrote;
“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you Emma, and I thought that your presentation was far greater than what I expected. Although my challenges are quite different to yours you gave me a lot to think about and I felt that if you can do it so can I. I was disillusioned with the knock backs I had gotten and as mention my age is a biggy, I will give it another go, after all I have everything to loose and everything to gain if I succeed. Thanks for an enlightening couple of hours, Just how tough are you to get to where you are well done, Praying that you success rubs off and I do like wise”. Pete F.

Another wrote when asked to state the key strengths of the session;
“It was interesting and motivating. It given me a belief to feel confident and positive when I feel “down” as my handicap is more of a mental issue”. Nabenet jobseeker