My new rehab regime involves bouncing awkwardly on trampolines, hopping on leg-presses & co-ordinating my limbs on the cross trainer. My head wobbles, I loose my balance & I seem to struggle coordinating my left & right sides. I find myself focussing on these issues & thinking of excuses to return to my comfort-zone. Besides, none of these movements see me actually running. It’s so easy when undertaking each of these exercises to loose sight of my bigger goal ‘to run again’. However, for my own sanity beginning the regime, during the session & afterwards, I remind myself of the purpose of each task.

So when your doing a boring task, maybe remind yourself of the real purpose behind it. I’ve also found that enduring the monotony of it is easier to withstand if you ‘sandwich’ it with other more meaningful tasks that perhaps refuel you. Lastly, remembering that as this may not be you favourite task, you’re likely to focus on the more difficult aspects. Even at times, generate excuses to ‘give up’ and avoid the negative thoughts and failure we’re experiencing.  Keep going!