Amazing how our thoughts dictate our every move. I woke today feeling tired, sore & quite lethargic. I normally can flip my negative thoughts but today I felt more vulnerable & it just seemed like more effort. Subsequently, I felt like I became increasingly negative as the day panned out. I also seemed to encounter so many more obstacles which only made me feel more sorry for myself, tired & pessimistic. I told myself ‘I can’t”, If another said that this could be possible, I chose to list excuses & focus of why it wouldn’t eventuate. I became clouded by negativity & so focussed on all my obstacles, issues & likely bad scenarios. I became reactive to every obstacle I encountered. I was living in the future & not now.
Thankfully, I caught myself mid-morning thinking in this unhelpful manner. Whether I had pain or not, would not change my circumstance. I could justify my manner easily – it’s simple to do. I needed to live in the present moment. Tell myself that I could do things, that they were possible. My mantra for the remainder of the day was “I can. I will” – incredible how that mindset changed my day.
So next time you’re in a tough situation & feeling engulfed by negative & self-demeaning thoughts, try telling yourself repeatedly, ‘I can. I will.”