Rest isn’t easy when there’s so much to do right? For me, although I’ve learnt this throughout my recovery, stopping & resting is so tough to practise! When one wobbly step zaps so much of my energy, the prospect of stopping until my body can run seems crazy. I struggle to rest knowing how much more tedious work I need to do. Unhelpful thoughts circle my mind –

“Surely I haven’t time to rest?” “My stubborn body doesn’t deserve a break right? I have too far to go!” “Besides, keeping moving forward is a positive thing & a healthy distraction! “ Plus, I find I feel guilty for stopping, or frustrated that I need too, when I see multi tasking people around me, juggling single parenting, full-time jobs & more serious health problems. We all compare right!

But I’ve definitely experienced the huge toll not stopping has on my body & mind. Weaving into my life times to stop ensures I can rejuvenate and put things into perspective. Yes, moving for me is important in managing my pain but choosing to engage in enjoyable tasks like yin yoga, writing, walking my dog whilst listening to a book or stretching in front of the tennis is vital to my wellbeing!

So, whether it’s doing a meditation class, sleeping in or reading a book, know that it’s a good thing. Scrap the associated guilt, try & not focus on the never ending ‘to do’ list & just ‘be’. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself permission to rest.