I received this feedback today from one of my audience members. Despite often encouraging others to stop and reflect, I confess to often not doing this as often as I should. However, receiving this type of feedback makes me realise why I do what I do. I know for me to grow as both an individual and a speaker I need this form of feedback.

“It was a very empowering presentation, I enjoyed listening to her story, there was laughter, and I could feel the pain but I can also see what a strong and powerful lady Emma is. Its amazing it brought back so many memories of when I was a carer, I actually witnessed doors being left open while people are showering, people staring at my clients because they are in wheel chairs, etc.Emmas presentation shows that you should never give up in life, doesnt matter what you are facing there is always a positive”. Direct Care Staff Member, Knox City Council

How often to you reflect on your steps? Is there something that you could introduce in your life that would enable you to do this?