This slogan, “Nothing About Us, Without Us!”, used in the disability movement is so aligned with the importance of adopting a co-design approach. Whereby all policies, resources and services involve the input of people with a disability from the beginning. Although this may be often perceived as more ‘timely’ and often involves more resources in the short-term, the long-term benefits definitely outweigh this. Whether it’s the areas researched, the resources developed and the outcomes achieved.

As a person with a disability and participant of so many research projects, studies and recipient of multiple services, it is definitely feels so much more robust. Not merely in the outcomes achieved, but the value of your contribution & the multiple bi-products of this approach from peer support, capacity building and greater transparency!

Listen to a great podcast – a candid conversation between Dr George Taleporas from the @SummerFoundation & Martin Hoffman, NDIA CEO about covid, the importance of working ‘with’ the disability community, top three priorities of the NDIS scheme at the moment including the importance of using this co- design approach, working ‘with’ people with a disability.