Incredible to help celebrate Occupational Therapy Week 2022 (Monday 24 October to Sunday 30 October). This year the theme is “What OT means to me” and promotes the many ways Occupational Therapists help all people to reach their potential.

A great opportunity to share and reflect on OT from my lived experience perspective. To shine a spotlight on the care and professionalism OTs deliver to their clients

A few statements about what “OT means to ME!”from my lived experience as a recipient of OT include;

– Managing my physical and emotional recovery by incorporating meaning into my life again

– Using meaningful occupation to reinvent myself

– Holistically adapting my new realm so that I can participate in everything again

– Focusing on my ability and strengths!

– Modifying ALL my environments so I can live independently!

– Educating others in my supports so I can continue to live independently, still contribute to society & sustain meaningful relationships and my everyday rehabilitation.

– Feeling valued, empowered and believed in to engage in what I love again!

– Supported to practise adapting my life using meaningful activity

– Drawing on my lived experience as a stroke survivor and fellow OT to participate in life optimally again!

– Relearning how to reinvent myself By focussing on what I CAN do!

Celebrating this week especially the amazing impact OT has had on my life and so many others!

“What does OT MEAN to you?”