I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word ‘partnership’ I see it as a positive relationship with another that facilitates, guides and supports.

However, when I  look more closely about each partnership in my life, many have done the complete opposite – a destructive partnership. We all know that there are  times that you get partnered with another and before working with them you’re already predicting a bad result. It’s these partnerships that don’t seem to work and in order for you to get the outcome you want (a grade or meeting a deadline) you end up doing all the work. There’s no reciprocation, your partner’s viewed as a ‘dud’ and their skills are not seen nor recognised. Further, it brings out the ‘why me?’ in you. You end up investing your time and energy  highlighting their weaknesses and justifying why you cant possibly get a good outcome when partnering with them.

But what if the outcome is going to dictate another’s life? Yeah maybe someone you work with doesn’t do things like you, but have you ever thought that you could transform this partnership. Consider that if you simply  change your attitude towards them and focus on and elicit their strengths, your relationship could dramatically transform? Surely they will try and reciprocate this positivity and feel more inspired to work with you.

The positive partnerships in my life  have challenged me to improve but I’ve also felt that our relationship has also benefited them. Subsequently, it’s been a partnership that’s achieved a great outcome, elicited our strengths and is ongoing.

Is there a partnership that you have with another that you would classify as ‘destructive’? How could you change your attitude to enhance you partnership with them?

After all, it’s your attitude that determines your altitude right?