“How do you peel a banana?”

I bet, like me, you think there’s only one way to do it. When someone asked me this question, my first thought was, “Who cares, it’s a bit of fruit!”

For many of us, we have done this the same way our entire life. But consider that there may be a different way….

When I first heard that there was a simpler way to peel a banana, I was quite skeptical. In fact, I half-heartedly watched the Utube clip detailing the technique, feeling quite dubious that it would be any more effective than the way I’d learnt. But as they demonstrated the ‘fruit peeling’ act, I learnt that the way I have peeled a banana my entire life was in fact not only harder, but also messier. I discovered that when monkeys peel a banana, they pinch the non-stalk end rather than break the stem!

Try it!

It might just be a bit of fruit, but I ask that you see past the object and try and see the different methods we use to complete a task and why? Be open to learning new ways of doing something. Maybe you try and still strongly believe that the way you’ve always done it is the BEST way. That’s fine, if that’s best for you but also be open to new strategies – you never know, it might further challenge you and reveal new possibilities!