Am I alone or are you also struggling to get clarity, perspective and feel grounded right now?

Watching others globally struggle with this pandemic is horrific. It’s easy to feel so consumed with guilt, sadness and helplessness.

A few things that may help – 

Getting Perspective – Turning upside down helps us shift perspective. Rather than sit and watch this pandemic unfold, I’m opting to look at the situation from a different angle. Whilst it does not solve or lessen the severity of the situation, it reduces my stress level, strengthens my immune system and widens my perspective.

Do a handstand, headstand or just put your legs up a wall. I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes here and dismissing the possibility, but what’s the harm in trying? If you can’t easily do a head or handstand, flip your world by dangling your head between your legs. Try it!

Use your BreathUsing my breath as an anchor to the present moment is extremely affective. It’s so easy to become caught up with the hysteria surrounding the pandemic, engulfed in negativity and so fixated on the “what ifs?”. We start blaming others ”why didn’t our government act sooner?” and questioning another’s actions “choosing to hang out in a crowd?”.  Surely by focussing on these past scenarios, we’re forgetting to live in the ‘now’.

Our breath is a great tool to remind us to be mindful. Often when I find myself in a difficult spot, my concentration wanders and I feel easily distracted. At these times, bringing myself back to my breath grounds me. Breathing gives me a certain clarity and centredness.

Be Grateful – A vital part of my day is identifying what I am grateful for. Each day this helps me be more thankful for what I have rather than fixated on what I don’t have. It also ensures that I’m more aware of my surroundings and better able to be in the present moment.

There is so much happening in the world right now. Being grateful, doing a head stand or noticing our breath definitely won’t change this. But, it will help us get more perspective and clarity. Perhaps then maybe we’ll be more equipped to handle these difficult times.