A fresh start to the year is always a relief. Last year’s chaos and  the associated tiredness seems history now. I can sit and put all my new years resolutions (that I quickly devised late yesterday) into action.

“As if!” I hear you mutter.

It’s true I guess, every resolution I made up was devised because I felt ‘I should’ accomplish it rather than ‘wanting’ to achieve it. If I think about them, all of them, I feel they also are largely what others around me expect of me. In fact, I’ve set myself up for failure and I’m only one day into 2011.

Although it’s great to plan for some direction, having unrealistic goals for the year ahead is only dictating where you should be heading. Where do you want to go? What do you enjoy doing? Are your goals for this year going to accommodate eachother, ensure a good balance in your life?

So why not make 2011 a ‘Happy’ year.- achieving more because we want too. It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish when you enjoy it rather than feeling compelled to do it.