Isolation, sanitiser and virtual companionship have become the ‘norm’ now. People seem to have gradually complied with all these restrictions and over time adjusted their daily lives. The subsequent ‘flattening of the curve’ and the associated anxieties about the ramifications of the virus, have seemed to make this adjustment all worthwhile. Although tough, we’ve learnt that working from home and home-schooling is possible,. We can exercise and socialise virtually.

Now we are encouraged to slowly reintegrate back into life again. But the virus is still breeding, spreading and killing. I know I’m not alone in finding this quite unsettling.  Many seem oblivious to the silent killer that lurks. I fear that their complacency will bite vulnerable people who are doing their utmost to reduce any chance of spread.

I find it almost easier to have the barriers, restrictions and fines in place. It’s great to finally see them in the flesh, to hear their unmuted voices & to say a proper goodbye before the 45 minute free ‘zoom’ time expires. However, still needing to keep to the 1.5 metres distancing rule and the associated anxiety of not being able to be close to them, is hardly being present in their company. Whereas their company was once so comforting, it seems now to also produce unease.

So, whilst we can venture back into our pre-covid19 lives, try to be mindful of the invisible impacts many people will drag with them. Whether they’re carrying the virus or associated virus anxieties unknowingly, how can you enable others to reintegrate into post-covid19 life more easily? Consider how your own attitudes and actions will also hugely dictate the impact this virus has on others’ lives. Keep safe but also keep others safe!