Lockdown. Isolation. Restrictions. These restrictive terms seem to only trap us and encapsulate our bubbles with a screen of negativity. It’s hard to see beyond this state. Right? Many of us feel “fed up”, resentful and understandably, “just over it!”.  Whilst these are definitely valid feelings, they don’t change the situation we’re in. In fact, we seem to only feel more restricted, resentful and begin to easily lose sight of the valuable things in ourlives.

Reframing how you perceive what is going on within the Covid realm (or any tough spot) you’re in is pivotal. Did you notice that the extension of our lockdown has been reframed very differently? Instead of talking about ‘stages’ of restrictions, we’re now talking about the ‘steps’ involved in reopening. The extra 6 weeks of the restrictions are,in fact,communicatedso we’re moving in a forward direction. It’s Melbourne’s pathway to ‘COVID Normal’ for work, education and living.

Although we find ourselves still in a restrictive spot (still have a curfew, still have to stay within 5kmofhome, still havingto wear a mask outside your house etc etc), many of us are more optimistic about what is ahead. There is light at the end of the tunnel! We cannow exercise for longer,we canlet a few others into our bubble and even the news that playgrounds will open. Whilst many of us won’t be swinging from the monkey bars, the positive news changes the severity of our situations.

Reframing my spot is something that I have tried to intentionally do ever since my stroke. Suddenly and unexpectedly I found myself in a devastating and very restrictive realm! Whilst I definitely have negative thoughts, I am also mindful that these and the associated behaviours, only worsenmy situation. They only cause me (and those around me) more discomfort.

So, when you find yourself feeling restricted or feeling negativeabout the spot you’re in, try reframing it! Positively shift your perspective and focus onthe things that you value in your life. When your frame is shifted, the meaning changes sothinking and behaviour often change along with it. How are you viewing your covid19 realm? Remember, your point of view depends on the frame you see it in!

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”