A setback throws us, right?

It’s unexpected and totally catches us off guard. Understandably we become so frustrated, negative and often begin to conjure up all the likely obstacles that may result. Even harder to deal with when we seem to have just adapted too or overcome another obstacle!

Adapting to isolation and all the physical and emotional challenges has definitely thrown me. After a few months of fine-tuning things, I’d finally established a good routine again. Rather than carryout my usual twice weekly rehab and swimming to manage my pain, I’d modified my isolated lifestyle to include a daily online yoga practise. However, yesterday I sprained my left wrist doing this! Yep, due to diligently practising I hurt myself! Now, even walking causes excruciating pain up my left arm! The prospect of weight bearing on my left wrist to use my walking frame and carrying out my rehab where any movement causes shock waves down my left side now seems impossible.

Today I felt quite frustrated with how things had panned out. I went to the beach for my usual beach walk but found that my pain worsened even when my arm moved. But with it still, my balance was disastrous! Initially I confess to trying to ignore the pain and carrying on as usual. However, not sustainable, I soon stopped. I took a deep breath and began walking with my left arm in a more still and comfy position at my side. I modified my walking, choosing to see this setback as a good opportunity to further train my poor balance.

So, when you feel thrown by a spot you’re in or you find yourself getting knocked down again when you’ve just stood back up, remember that we can choose to react in a positive way. Try not to let this setback dictate your entire life. Choose to see the opportunities that this obstacle presents.