I’d like an umbrella – trust me. Getting wet, cold and having my glasses spotted in water blobs is hardly my ideal situation. However, if it’s raining and I want to go outside, I have to hack it.

“Would you like my umbrella?”
Dry onlookers ask.
“Thanks, but I can’t hold one and my frame?” I reply shivering (more due to my ataxia than the goose bumps). They usually try and think of another option, you can see their minds ticking, but then they just look embarrassed and keep walking.

I thought about getting a roof on my scooter but the designers overlooked the fact that rain does come in horizontally and to see through a ‘winds wiper-free’ plastic front screen is not safe.

“Why not wear one of those ponchos?”
My Grandma asks. I did try that option once but have you ever purchased that plastic, bag-like sheet and then tried to fit it back into its tiny case without tearing it! If not, it isn’t easy. A hooded waterproof jacket has also been tested but the hood either blocks my little peripheral vision or blows off, becoming a material-cup of water I have to piggy-back.

“Well just stay inside where it’s warm”
I hear you say. Sounds sensible huh. But if you’re alone in a house for a few days in a row and let the weather conditions determine your actions, you’re definitely at a higher risk of becoming isolated – perfect conditions for getting really depressed I reckon!

“But you’ll catch a cold!”
Mum says. True. Maybe I will but I’d kind of prefer my nose running than tears – wouldn’t you?

So I just wear grippy shoes, to make sure I don’t skid too much, and brave the rain. There are too many things in life stopping us, even more so if you have a disability!

>What stops you from stepping?