“What will things look like for you?” 

When preparing for our emergence from varied periods of isolation and adapting to new restrictions, this is probably a good question to ponder.

I’m sure there are things we have learnt, things we are dying to resume and certain things we can do differently. Just as we needed to adapt our lifestyles to go into isolation, considering how we can modify our regimes in our reintegration into life is equally important. Surely then, transitioning into our new realms will be easier.

So, what do we need to contemplate?

Perhaps ask yourself –

  1. What things did I learn from this ‘isolation’ time?
  2. What things have I incorporated into my life that I want to continue?
  3. What things do I want to get back to? How can I modify these things to ensure that I can still do them but simultaneously be compliant with the covid19 restrictions?
  4. What are my main fears in resuming things again? Are these fears associated with my own behaviours and actions or other people’s? How can I act/ or educate others to minimise my concerns?

Reflecting on your experiences and knowing how you feel about emerging from this isolation is a great way of identifying your fears, purposes and values. Surely, identifying these actions makes problems that we may face easier to tackle or navigate. Reduce the inevitable uncertainty that lies ahead and the associated anxiety!