Remaining grateful is tough. Especially when things go awful wrong in your day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed & disheartened.

I confess that I’ve really struggled being thankful of late. I know being grateful is so crucial in sustaining a positive mindset & the motivation to withstand some of the obstacles I readily encounter. But, when you’re tired or circumstances or people around you don’t allow you to practise this attribute, it’s so challenging.

The recent New Zealand mosque massacre is simply devastating. I see one human’s actions and the gigantic negative impact he has made. It’s at these times it’s easy to give up. Ask yourself, ‘if there are people like that in the world, how can I being grateful make an impact?”I spoke to my friend about this. It took her wise words to wake me up, to see again the HUGE importance of being grateful. She said, “We need more kindness in this world to counteract the bad actions of others”. Sometimes we are so engulfed by negativity that we need people like this in our lives to remind us of the many positive things that exist.

It’s so hard to be thankful when everything seems to be a crumbling around us. Life is tough. However, whether your grappling with another’s illness, the aftermath of the horrendous massacre or just having a difficult day, remind yourself of the many ‘good’ ’things in your life that you already have. Choose to be aware of the negative things but make a greater effort to tune into what you are grateful for. The tough times are ongoing and sadly will not go away. But we can withstand the challenges perhaps a little better by choosing to be grateful.