Winter 2016 News

Since the release of my book Reinventing Emma in March 2016, I have had fantastic speaking & book related opportunities that have kept me very busy. This newsletter hopefully gives you a snapshot on some of my movements. Enjoy!

Inspirational Speaking

It’s so amazing to receive such good feedback from doing what I love most. The testimonials only reinforce why I do what I do & inspire me to do my role better. Thank you to everyone I’ve worked with for providing me with such amazing opportunities.

It’s particularly exciting to now work more readily in the non-health sector, injecting more diversity & improving resilience in so many organisations.

Last month I closed the Leading Aged Services (LASA) Congress focussing on both person-centred care & resilience, spoke on Proactive Rehabilitation at Moore Rehab Outcome’s Launch, work with both school & university students & run a workshop on resilience to Bank Australia staff – a few of many amazing event.

Emma’s Blog

We Need To Think It To Be It!

We often associate resilience as more of a physical trait, getting up or bouncing back but that is reliant on us being emotionally resilient.

We need to think it to be it!

You may be able to get to the gym or do that report or washing but what thoughts in your mind are preventing you from doing that easily? Is it sustainable? Are you reliant on another to get you up?

Resilience is not just the ability to Get Up, it’s more important for us to Stay Up! If we can dodge & control the emotional impact associated with a physical obstacle, we are likely to be able to withstand the other effects better. There are times when we do need others to support us to do this but it’s that much easier to ACT resilient if we FEEL it!

So next time you find yourself resisting a task, become mindful of your thoughts surrounding the activity or event that’s holding you back. Consider the emotional barriers that you’re creating in your thought patterns that may be only compounding the problem.

We all will encounter daily physical barriers. But each of us has control over our emotional resilience and how we let our thoughts impact our performance.

Emma Fights Stroke

Raising awareness and fighting the Nation’s second biggest killer is an ongoing passion of mine.

On Sunday 24/7/16 I will be joining the #fightstroke team and walking 5km to do this!

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Emma Raises Awareness
On Monday 15/8/16 join me to discuss ‘young strokes’ for National Brain Awareness Week with the National Stroke Foundation.

Click here to read more reviews I hope that my book will continue to empower many people & all those in their lives. If you feel it would benefit someone you know, please recommend Reinventing Emma!

Recent Events

* Bank Australia 2016 Resilience
* Caulfield General Medical Hospital 2016 Empathy
* Australian Catholic University & LaTrobe University Event: Conversation with Emma Gee about Reinventing Emma with Associate Professor Natasha Lannin 
* Moore Rehab Outcomes Office Launch, NSW – Proactive Rehabilitation

Upcoming Events

  • RunMelbourne 5km Challenge (The National Stroke Foundation Fundraising Event)
  • Brain Injury Awareness Week Panel Discussion: Young Stroke 2016
  • Methodist Ladies’ College Resilience (Year 8 students)
  • Australian Catholic University 2016 Occupational Therapy Student Lecture.
  • ENERGISE Project: Stroke Recovery & Yoga Intervention.
  • Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre AGM 2016
  • Monash University 2016 Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy Students Lecture – Empathy
  • Australian Institute of Neuro-rehabilitation: Neuro-Rehab Awareness Day 2016 Challenge
  • Swinburne University 2016 Occupational Therapy Masters Students Tutorial on occupational adaptation
  • Austin Health:Person-Centred Care Allied Health Grand Round 2016

See More Events here…

Reinventing Emma

Book Update

The Book Event held at the Australian Catholic University was a highlight for me. Sponsored by LaTrobe University, ACU & Rehabhire, 130 people (largely health professionals) attended a discussion between myself & Professor Natasha Lannin about Reinventing Emma. The conversation from shower & sexuality assessments through to goal setting & gratefulness was confronting but necessary to improve our practices. 

Now available in bookshops, airports & purchased via my ebook internationally, I’m excited that my story & all the messages are reaching a wider audience.

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Reinventing Emma was reviewed in the Occupational Therapy Australia CONNECTIONS June 2016 Edition.
Read the entire article here

ABC 774 Interview –
Discussion with Libby Gore about Reinventing Emma.

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Watch a promotional video here

The daily feedback I’ve received from readers has been extremely positive. Some include –

‘What a wonderful book! If you find yourself complaining about life’s foibles, coughs, colds, traffic tickets, waiting in queues or the weather, read this book. Some books are for entertainment, education or filling in time. This book is life changing. Emma’s story is one of courage, acceptance, compassion and resilience. With the love and support of her wonderful family, Emma takes you on a journey from great expectations and prospects to sudden and painful loss and back to a bright future. An extraordinary book written with candour, humour and hope. This book will change your attitude to misfortune and complaining and affirm your belief in the power of optimism, gratitude and the love of a close family.

Paddy Spruce
Award winning Speaker, Training Facilitator, MC and Coach.