Waiting for a taxi’s bad enough. But when it’s raining and you’ve got other appointments, it’s even more frustrating. Today was worse. I waited patiently for 20 minutes and unlocked my frame and entered the rain as soon as I saw the yellow vehicle approach. Once I’d stopped at the curb I put my frame’s brakes on and waved madly one-handed. The driver saw me and slowed…but then sped up and exited the car park.

“Surely not?” I said to myself, resuming my swatting flies action (only this time is was more frantic). No use. The yellow vehicle was gone.

Saturated, I went inside .

“What happened?” The Receptionist queried from behind the desk. I explained.

She angrily phoned the cab company back and reported the incident.

“Sorry” she said ” they say the driver entered but no one was here”

I rolled my eyes saying, “More like it was pouring with rain and the driver didn’t want to leave his dry seat to assist me, cynical but true” I said.

“That makes me so mad” she said, clenching her jaw.

“Oh it happens all the time, you have to laugh:)” I said in a relaxed tone.

This scenario happens to all of us daily. Unfortunately, another’s actions can really impact each of  our own abilities. So next time you do something, perhaps stop and ask yourself, “Will my actions hinder another?” If you cop the impact of someone else’s actions just laugh, it’s out of your control. Only you can choose how to deal with it:)