We often associate resilience as more of a physical trait, getting up or bouncing back but that is reliant on us being emotionally resilient.

We need to think it to be it!

You may be able to get to the gym or do that report or washing but what thoughts in your mind are preventing you from doing that easily? Is it sustainable? Are you reliant on another to get you up?

Resilience is not just the ability to Get Up, it’s more important for us to Stay Up! If we can dodge & control the emotional impact associated with a physical obstacle, we are likely to be able to withstand the other effects better. There are times when we do need others to support us to do this but it’s that much easier to ACT resilient if we FEEL it!

So next time you find yourself resisting a task, become mindful of your thoughts surrounding the activity or event that’s holding you back. Consider the emotional barriers that you’re creating in your thought patterns that may be only compounding the problem.

We all will encounter daily physical barriers. But each of us has control over our emotional resilience and how we let our thoughts impact our performance.