Advocacy: Are we flexible and inclusive enough?

I just booked my first flight to present interstate face to face. Since the beginning of the pandemic, my input has been virtual. In fact, whilst I have missed the engagement that seems to take place when I am working face to face with people, I've loved the...

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Connection through Stories.

The opportunity to relay my own story has been so therapeutic and empowering. However, I'd be dishonest if I said that there hasn't been occasions in my recovery where disclosing my journey has only left me feeling so disconnected, isolated and alone. I recently read...

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#Down to 10 days!

Right now there are thousands of people with disability across Australia who are stuck simply waiting... Waiting to be able to live in a home that meets their needs. They are waiting in hospital beds, in nursing homes and at home with their families who are unable to...

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“Nothing About Us, Without Us!”

This slogan, "Nothing About Us, Without Us!", used in the disability movement is so aligned with the importance of adopting a co-design approach. Whereby all policies, resources and services involve the input of people with a disability from the beginning. Although...

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Ableism: are you unintentionally disempowering another? 

A recent situation and article I read made me really contemplate how much our language can really disempower and limit people with disabilities. I guess “Ableism” is the best term to encapsulate this! I often walk my two cavoodles to my local cafe and get my caffeine...

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Moving from Disability to Liveability…

A great conversation about the importance of our society moving from disability to liveability. The importance of rethinking design in ensuring that everything is universally designed and accessible. Listen to the conversation with Richelle Hunt at...

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Does everyone ‘Love’ having a disability?

I certainly 'love' my life but not sure I'll ever 'love' my disability. I watch Dylan Alcott in awe. He is certainly so deserving of the title of 'Australian of the Year 2022' and continues to play an instrumental role in shifting society's perceptions about...

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Singing to Swim!

Check out the January 2022 Edition of the Women’s Weekly # 50 for my interview about my post stroke experience and music therapy!

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Perspectives of Healthcare Podcast

Fantastic to be a part of a Podcast 'Perspectives of Healthcare' with Rob Oliver works with medical professionals and organizations who want to put the patient back at the center of healthcare. Listen to the conversation here!

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Emma’s Brochure:

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Five Reasons To Book Emma:

1. Gain Understanding...
Are you confident that your staff are really putting themselves in another's shoes?
2. Be Empowering...
How do you empower those around you?
3. Start Choosing...
How would you cope if you had a stroke at the young age of 24?
4. Try Challenging...
Do you set goals and step up to meet them?
5. Be Inspiring...
Do you need to be inspired to life a life you love?!




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